Capacity Development


New Leaf helps organizations develop capacity and evolve through our foundational and evolutionary approach that includes coaching, mentoring and advisory services. Through this organic approach senior leadership is able to create solutions that will provide forward momentum for the organization, through on-going phases of transition and transformation.

We guide and create capacity at all levels in an organization to help its leaders make decisions that are aligned with guiding elements, priorities, goals and strategies in their ever evolving organization.

New Leaf provides unbiased, professional facilitation services for meetings and workshops; as well as training on:

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  • RFP response
  • Business planning
  • Governance practices
  • Internal controls
  • Coaching for performance
  • Values in the workplace
  • Project management


Custom training development and delivery is available.




Executive Leadership / Coaching:

… I must admit going into coaching with Sue, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had talked to self proclaimed life coaches & inspirational speakers before, but left feeling no differently than before. Plus, I’ve had numerous personal & professional stumbling blocks that I’ve been trying to make sort out for year without success.

After my very first session with Sue, I was utterly floored at how she worked with me to break through my own barriers. Sue helped me to identify my stumbling blocks, assist me with finding solutions and create action oriented goals that I now practice on a daily basis to propel me towards my dreams. Sue uses techniques that can frankly only be described as pure freaking awesome. (I honestly don’t know how she does it!)” Jacob MacLean Ulimac

Facilitation Services:

I had occasion to sit through a workshop facilitated by Keena and was most impressed, particularly with her ability to bring the conversation back on track when the group started to stray.

The real talent of a facilitator is the ability to enthuse an audience, get them involved, and then extract information leading to a successful conclusion of the workshop. Keena has this ability.”  Gerry Nuttall – Councillor, City of Port Moody